single men living in india
two collections kanti bhatt
i want someone to sec
inside me, fondle my fancies
Enter my art
I wish you would
penetrate my privacy
conquer my vanity
touch my  heart.
---fran landsman.
અનુવાદ :  અર્થાત મારી અપેક્ષા છે કે મને પરણવા ઈચ્છનાર કોઈ મારા હ્રદયના ખજાનાને ઓળખે. મારી અંદર ઊંડો જાય. મારા શોખ છે તેને પંપાળે . મારામાં  જે કળા છે તેને ખોદીને ઓળખે મારી જે જે અંગત વાતો છે તેની પીડા અને તેના આનંદનો ભાગીદાર બને. મારી અંદરના અહમને જીતે અને ખાસ તો મારા હ્રદયને સ્પર્શે.
--કાંતિ ભટ્ટ

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.( chinese proverbs)
તમારા હ્રદયમાં લીલી હરિયાળી રાખો તો આજુબાજુથી ગીત ગાનારાં પક્ષીઓ આનંદ આપવા ઊડીને આવશે.
--કાંતિ ભટ્ટ
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janmashtami our lord krishna birthday


adharaḿ madhuraḿ vadanaḿ madhuraḿ

nayanaḿ madhuraḿ hasitaḿ madhuram

hṛdayaḿ madhuraḿ gamanaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



vacanaḿ madhuraḿ caritaḿ madhuraḿ

vasanaḿ madhuraḿ valitaḿ madhuram

calitaḿ madhuraḿ bhramitaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



veṇur madhuro reṇurmadhuraḥ

pāṇir madhuraḥ pādau madhurau

nṛtyaḿ madhuraḿ sakhyaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



gītaḿ madhuraḿ pītaḿ madhuraḿ

bhuktaḿ madhuraḿ suptaḿ madhuram

rūpaḿ madhuraḿ tilakaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



karaṇaḿ madhuraḿ taraṇaḿ madhuraḿ

haraṇaḿ madhuraḿ ramaṇaḿ madhuram

vamitaḿ madhuraḿ śamitaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



guñjā madhurā bālā madhurā

yamunā madhurā vīcī madhurā

salilaḿ madhuraḿ kamalaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



gopī madhurā līlā madhurā

yuktaḿ madhuraḿ muktaḿ madhuram

dṛṣṭaḿ madhuraḿ śiṣṭaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram



gopā madhurā gāvo madhurā

yaṣṭir madhurā sṛṣṭir madhurā

dalitaḿ madhuraḿ phalitaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuram


1) His lips are sweet, His face is sweet His eyes are sweet, His smile is sweet His heart is sweet, His gait is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


2) His words are sweet, His character is sweet His dress is sweet, His belly-folds are sweet His movements are sweet, His wandering is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


3) His flute is sweet, His foot-dust is sweet His hands are sweet, His feet are sweet His dancing is sweet, His friendship is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


4) His singing is sweet, His yellow cloth is sweet His eating is sweet, His sleeping is sweet His beauty is sweet, His tilaka is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


5) His deeds are sweet, His liberating is sweet His stealing is sweet, His love-sports are sweet His oblations are sweet, His tranquility is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


6) His gunja-berry necklace is sweet, His flower garland is sweet His Yamuna river is sweet, His ripples are sweet His water is sweet, His lotuses are sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


7) His gopis are sweet, His pastimes are sweet, His union is sweet, His food is sweet, His delight is sweet, His courtesy is sweet — Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!


8) His gopas are sweet, His cows are sweet His staff is sweet, His creation is sweet His trampling is sweet, His fruitfulness is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!



This song can be sung in Raga Kirvani in Kaherva Tala.
courtsy By : http://kksongs.org/songs/a/adharammadhuram.html

Visit Lord Krishna Photo site : Krishna Photo
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if two people embrace giggily by octavio paz
I go down the streets of my own being
under an ageless sun and you are walking
like a tree by my side, you walk like a river,
you grow like an ear of com between my hands,
you tremble like a squirrel in my hands,
you fly like a thousand birds, your laughter
dashes me with spray......
                                      .....the world changes
if two people embrace giddily
and fall on the grass;......
                     By : Octavio Paz
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* If flowers grew wing, they would be butterflies .
* If butter-flies lost their wing, they would be colurful flowrs .
* when files touched the stardust in the sky, they became fire-flies .
* All love is continuous giving , you can have it, by offering only .
* Flowers are the mute sybols of God's love for the earth .
* In separation, one is much more nearer than in meeting .
                                         By : Ratilal chhaya

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golden creepers
Golden Creepers

* In spring the golden creepars bloom at my windows into
  little starlets of flowers,that make my heart sing with the
  fragrance of the nature's soul in ascension.

* The stars of the heavens are the smiles of a dark-eyed
   beloved, who has covered her moon-like face, with a
   black -veil in a moon-less night.

* If stars had their wings, they would be fire-flies.

* if fire-flies lost their wings they would turn into stars.
                              - ratilal chhaya

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